Anokhee Pahal

MedscapeIndia has taken up an initiative called ‘Anokhee Pahal’ which aims to help and improve the living conditions of slum dwellers in Mumbai. Thakkar Bappa Colony is the campaign’s pilot project. Thakkar Bappa Colony is located in the suburb of Kurla(E) in Mumbai. The area suffers from inadequate drainage and sanitation, the absence of an adequate number of toilets, and poor ventilation. The drains in the area are open and run throughout the settlement. To address the health and hygiene conditions at Thakkar Bappa colony, Medscape India is conducting several initiatives in the colony which include:

  • Awareness programs/camps for the residents regarding improving their hygiene and health
  • Organizing health camps to diagnose and provide medical aid to the people in Thakkar Bappa against diseases such as Tuberculosis, Malaria, Bronchitis, HIV and eye problems.
  • Installation of Toilets in the area – as of now there are 3 public toilets in the area, with a population size of almost 100,000 people.
  • Cleaning up the drains and covering them.
  • Installation of proper methods for waste disposal.


As a pre-event for the medical camp, Medscape India conducted an awareness walk on the 28th of February, 2015. The Medscape India team along with about 1,000 students walked from Thakkar Bappa colony to Kurla East station and back spreading awareness about health and hygiene. This event was graced by the Mayor of Mumbai, Smt. Snehal Ambekar and other popular faces. The aim of this walk was to inculcate a sense of responsibility to keep Thakkar Bappa clean and to educate the people on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Following the awareness walk, Medscape India conducted more than 26 medical camps for Thakkar Bappa residents, to screen them for tuberculosis. Later, public toilets, roads, and medical centers were built in the colony.

In this way, under Anokhee Pahal Campaign, MedscapeIndia plans to revive the slums in Mumbai and provide the residents with proper medical facilities. there is a change in development seen, the road has been constructed, drainage has been cleared regular visit of BMC official for fumigation, cleanness, maintaining of garden , toilets got repaired few still in bad state waiting for new construction  as requirement is not fulfilled hope with constant team efforts we will able to do that.