Tree Plantation Campaign

Tree Plantation Campaign-An initiative undertaken by Medscape India oversaw the plantation of 150 tree saplings in Mankurd. Over 100 children participated in the campaign.This successful campaign was the brainchild of the great visionary Dr.Sunita Dubey, founder of our NGO, Medscape India. Also present among the Tree Campaign leaders were Dr.Niraj Dubey and Dr.Mangesh Rajasarke. The Campaign: The children who participated in planting the tree samplings were only too excited to do the work. First, they were taught the importance of planting trees.We took examples from Green
Mumbai, Clean Mumbai’’. The environmental and health benefits one can get by planting trees. For example:We taught them,’’A village has 1 house surrounded by 100 trees; whereas in cities there’s 1 tree surrounded by 100 flats’’.This statement inspired the children and all of them collectively
planted 150 saplings in a matter of 3 hours.Each kid also took a vow to plant at least one tree sapling around their home or locality.
We were so happy with the success of our campaign, that we even gave some of the most volunteering kids a free tree sampling.Tree Plantation campaign will always remain as one of our
most cherished and memorable moments in our NGO history.