The campaign aims at spreading the right information about HIV-AIDS and clearing the misconceptions about the disease.

A bike rally was conducted spreading the message ‘HIV AIDS Go Away’ which included college students holding banners and balloons with ‘HIV GO AWAY’ written on them.

An event named ‘Walkathon’ was organized which saw the participation of around 5000 people from different walks of life. The campaign also educates about available facilities for the pregnancy of HIV+ women with the right medication and treatment. The campaign also held an event to promote the use of condoms and saw the participation of eunuchs in large numbers.

MedscapeIndia organized HIV Fashion Show for fundraising which witnessed the appearance of many well-known celebrities.

On 1st  Dec 2014, organizations working with groups vulnerable to HIV/AIDS came together for an event organized by MedscapeIndia to commemorate the World AIDS Day 2014.