Fit Kids

Fit Kids is a certified Little Doctor First Aid training program for children in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First-Aid emergency situations.

This training programme will be conducted for children from 8-16 years old.

They will be trained by expertise medical professionals to tackle emergency medical situations and provide immediate help to anyone in need.

Important methods like CPR, applying plaster to a cut, oxygen first aid, burns, bites, etc. will be inculcated in children.

Under the Fit India Movement, Fit Kids is a separate segment for kids. In this, children will also be educated on how to lead a healthy life. The program aims to guide children towards adopting healthy lifestyle habits especially when it comes to their diet and sleep schedules.

This will stimulate children to share this knowledge in their schools and locality, garnering more children and adults to be a part of the FIT India Movement and becoming a helping hand to society.

Fit Kids also focuses on solving children’s health issues and queries.

MedscapeIndia conducted a soft launch of the campaign in the presence of MedscapeIndia Chairperson, Dr. Sunita Dube, and Late Dr. K. C Mohanty.

The event witnessed the participation of hundreds of school children who enthusiastically joined in the Little Doctor training program.

The main attraction of the event were kids’ favourite cartoons characters from ‘Chota Bheem Cartoon.’

Under the campaign, the children who complete their training will be certified with the Little Doctor training certificate.