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FIT Maharashtra - Balloon Festival

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“FIt Maharashtra Balloon Festival On World Health Day”

Fit India

 Shrinagar, Kashmir

Fit India Held On Doctor Day

Medscape’s Fit India Initiative Reaches Kashmir

About the Project

  • FitIndia Movement


Cause For

  • The movement aims at educating and conveying the value of good health to people, creating awareness on preventive measures of dangerous diseases and encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness.
  • Due to sedentary lifestyle in todays World, people  are exposed to all kinds of health  and cardiovascular risks such as CAD(Coronary Artery Disease),Obesity,Diabetes,Heart Risks etc.As a Health NGO,We have taken the initiative to make India Fit Again’


How did we do it?

  • The activities adopted under this movement are setting up of medical camps, organ donation drive, holding medical conferences and training workshops.
  • MedscapeIndia visualises creating a healthier nation physically and mentally.
  • We initiated FIT India Movement Campaign by showing people about CPR training to save someone who is in trouble or at the verge of losing his life. We have even imparted CPR training to school children (FIT KIDS)

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