Doctor’s Legible Handwriting

Doctors’ illegible handwriting in medical records/medical prescriptions could put patients at risk as they end up receiving wrong treatment.

The staff struggling to read the doctors’ paper notes may write a wrong medicine to the patient.

Most of the Chemists do not have full-time Pharmacist, resulting in the uneducated salesman handling the prescription.

With an illegible prescription and an uneducated salesman, the concoction could well be catastrophic.

In all the final analysis the patient becomes a victim of combined negligence. MedscapeIndia has taken a charge of the issue and conducted the Doctor’s Legible Handwriting Campaign.

The primary aim is to spread awareness about the negative effects of sloppy handwriting among the medical fraternity nationally.

Under the campaign, Doctors will get short workshop training at various association levels or a mandatory guideline from MMC will be issued.

The campaign initiated its pilot project with 30 doctors of Aryan Hospital and Medical Centre being trained during workshops.

Many medical associations have taken up this campaign to train the doctors associated with them.

MedscapeIndia has released a set of guidelines for doctors among the doctor’s community to give them direction and suggestions.

Minister of Health in the Maharashtra government of Cabinet rank Mr. Suresh Shetty whole-heartedly supported the campaign.

He also raised the issue on various platforms and encouraged doctors to get involved and bring about a change.

The campaign focuses on making doctors’ services more efficient.