Doctor’s ANTHEM

International Doctor’s Day annually recognizes the contribution of doctors around the globe for their role in healing, patient safety, medical research and respect for human life and individual dignity.

MedScapeIndia has conceptualized and executed the ‘Doctors Anthem’ that has lyrics by Sameer Anjaan, the music of Shameer Tandon and vocals by Aditi Paul, Bhavya Pandit, Aishwarya Nigam and Amitabh Narayan.

The Anthem signifies the bonding between patient and doctors. The lyric of the anthem denote the dedication of doctors towards their patients and highlights the efforts doctors are taking to improve the functioning of the health sector.

The lyrics are “We are the doctors we are always there for you”. The initiative was appreciated by Union ministers Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Mr. Nitin Gadkari.